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5 supplements and superfoods that increase your focus and improve your training

Food is our fuel for life. The energy our body produces all comes from what we eat each day. If you find yourself experiencing low levels of energy, or prolonged periods of moodiness, then the chances are that your diet could use a little work. Choosing the right foods can be a daunting experience to someone that is changing their lifestyle through their diet.

However, it is really not that challenging to select foods that are healthy and good for you. In our modern age of fast food, our bodies and minds have been programmed to seek three things when we are hungry, namely; salt, sugar and fat. To break these subconscious tethers requires a bit of willpower, but it can be done.

Shopping for and eating sources of protein, fats and carbohydrates is a must and it is vital to find meat and dairy products that are free-range and not filled with hormones. Quality carb sources include; Legumes, whole grain pasta, brown rice and lentils. Fat is not as bad for you as you may have been led to believe. Fat is a necessary part of our diets but once again, it’s all about the quality of the fats that make the difference between good and poor health.

Changing your diet will need you to exert some self-control in the near term as your body withdraws from the sugar, fat, salt addiction that you had and replaces it with good nutrients that provide you with great energy. After a few weeks of eating the right foods, your tummy and gut will feel lighter and more efficient, you will also find that your sleeping hours may become less as your body learns to manage its new energy supply.

Along with a diet and good food choices, comes a little surprise. Not all foods are created equal, some have high anti-oxidant properties, mood-elevating properties and energy enhancement properties that make them what we like to call ‘Superfoods’. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones that you can find at any grocery store and when incorporated into your diet, will yield positive results in your mood, skin, focus, energy and metabolic function.




High in folate, a B-vitamin that enhances mood and reduces fatigue, asparagus are spears of joy that help with the bodies synthesis of the neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. This great superfood assists you in your mood levels and is great if you are looking to enhance your willpower and stay focused on your new diet plan.

A single cup of freshly steamed asparagus spears will contain as much as 268 micrograms of of folate, which is two-thirds of the daily 400mcg allowance for adult women. Add a nice wholegrain pasta and a few strips of avocado and you have a power meal that will keep you focused and feeling good.




These little shells of joy are probably the most mis-understood food ever. In the past, we have all heard the adage that eggs will cause a heart-attack or stroke from excess cholesterol they contain. Nothing could be further from the truth. Nutritional science has recently discovered that there is no link to dietary cholesterol and a build-up of cholesterol in the bloodstream. In other words, the cholesterol in eggs is not clogging up your arteries like we have all be told.

With 147mg of choline, just over a third of the daily allowance, choline is responsible for producing a chemical in the brain named acetylcholine, which is critical for storing memories and allowing the memory to function optimally. So make sure you get your eggs in, poach them or scrambled, they offer a meal that is high in good fats and has no carbs, add in a bit of kale or spinach and you have a quality meal that will keep your brain, memory and mind working at its peak, all day long.




These tiny dark-colored berries are rich in the anti-oxidant anthocyanins. These anti-oxidants push out the free-radicals roaming around in your bloodstream and help the brain produce better synapse function leading to enhanced cognitive function, keeping your mind sharp. A cup of these little bad boys once a day will be a welcome addition to your diet and they taste marvellous!

Blueberries help your brain make significant improvements in the area of memory and learning skills and helps prevent the onset of certain types of brain disease such as dementure and Alzheimer’s disease. So make sure you get a cup full in the morning, they taste great with a little high fat Greek yogurt and a sprinkle of granola.
Fish oil

It isn’t just food that keeps you going all day long. In this day and age our food sources, no matter how clean and fresh they are, are no longer enough to keep our bodies functioning at 100% efficiency. To enhance your diet and your life, consider taking a few supplements with your daily dietary intake.

The first place to start on the list is with fish-oil. Fish-oil is a form of highly concentrated EPA and DHA, long-chain fat triglycerides, that have a host of life enhancement features. EFA’s, or essential fatty acids, have recently been discovered as a an over-looked supplement that absolutely everyone should include in their nutrition.

EFA’s assist with cognitive function, reducing inflammation and they keep your skin looking great too!


On the road with no time to eat? You are going to miss your lunch and there’s nothing you can do about it. We have all been in this situation before, no matter how good your diet plan is and how diligent you are in applying it, there will be those times when you are thrown of course, even when your will-power is strong.

In these moments, it’s great to have an amino acid supplement on hand. Amino acids prevent the body from sliding into catabolism, a phase of metabolic function that is undesirable for any athlete, or dedicated diet practitioner. Catabolism releases the hormone, cortisol, which runs riot on your body and throws it out of homeostasis.

By using Amino-acids, you are able to stave of the catabolic period for much longer than usual, even without eating any food. AA’s assist the body in exercise recovery as well, making them an ideal choice of supplement for athletes or anyone seriously involved in sports training.

So there you have our big 5 of superfoods and supplements. Don’t waste any time, get out to your grocery store and get them today! Along with your new diet, you will find that the initial change away from the fat, salt, sugar paradigm may result in some uncomfortable withdrawal as your diet improves. These cravings will subside after a time and you will wonder why you didn’t do this sooner. With a little will-power, exercise and self-control, your diet will help you change your life, you’ll be happy and healthy and you won’t look back! Good luck!

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